Monday, August 2, 2010

Amir khan production "peepli Live"

UTV motion picture distribution make realeses to amirkhan and kiron rao production "Peepli Live".
It is small village,Two brother story ,who r totaly undergoes big disetion.and they lose his land from goverment lone.and Election seasons going on that time ,that time they deside to do suiside from goverment program for help his family for poor farmers indebted.and story start on ....!
its had nice promo,title song "des mera",and "mehangai Dayan" little nice,but others songs are keep quite.
Omkar Das Manikpuri,
Raghubir Yadav.
acted in lead role in this "peepli Live".
Story has point,
but music is avrage ,
by other point film will goes on flop.!!
becoz film have tough copitator by "aisha" that will realease on 6 Auguest. "lafange Parinde" on 20 Auguest and
film is gone flop or avrage!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

dabangg 2nd trailer

Vary Good Afternoon  to dabangg fan!!its realy good na,dabangg and salman khan come with good new look with an excelent action flick.and all salman fan loved 1st promo of dabangg,and also the 2nd trailer are come with romantic song that was good,but that was not got responce like 1st promo.but after the music realesed that will give take good breath.and music will realesed on 5th Auguest.till wait .........!and enjoy tere mast mast do nain......!!
and keep watching promo of Dabangg till not relesed in theaters,enjoy this son-:

Dhatad Tatad(Lafange parinde)

blind dipika,fabulas nil,and mindblowing composing by r Ananth that Together in Aditya chopara  Forthcomeing movi 'Lafange Parindey',directed by pradip sarkar.and example of this, songs promo  "man lafanga" ,and "Tatad tatad" the that are diffrent music work come out from r Ananth.and people likeing music ...!thats a fabulas movi will comes on Theaters 29 August...!!just look new songs video-: